Feminist Websites

A list of great places to go if you want to learn more about feminism:

Feministing.com  – founded by Jessica Valenti, it’s great for keeping track of US feminism.

The F Word – A UK based blog on feminism – good for keeping up with UK feminism, although I sometimes find the content a little bit “random.”

Everyday Feminism – I love this website. It’s perfect for easily explaining core feminist concepts, especially intersectional ones.

The Everyday Sexism Project – obviously brilliant because it was founded by John’s alumni Laura Bates.

Bitch Media – Focused primarily on women in the media, it also has some great round-ups with links to other sites.

Colorlines – Again, an American website (hence the spelling of ‘colour’) but very good for current affairs.

Juliet Jacques – Not a website per say, but a collection of blogs from Juliet Jacques. They document her transition as a transgender woman, and they’re brilliantly written.

The Guardian – Not always great on feminism, but worth a read just for keeping up. Don’t read the comment sections unless you want to despair at humanity.

Open Democracy 50/50 – Brilliant website for news and opinions for women around the world. I especially like the section on women in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.